Extraditions to Italy and from Italy abroad

Lawyers Lucas Maria Carlodalatri and Walter De Agostino offer their experience in the defense of persons subject to passive extradition (for example, a person is in Italy and should be extradited abroad) or active (for example, a person is abroad and should be extradited to Italy).
To protect people subject to extradition from Italy, our clients will be defended before the competent Courts of Appeal, and subsequently before the Court of Cassation and the European Court of Human Rights.
For the protection of people subject to extradition from abroad to Italy, we provide advice on living conditions in Italian prisons; in addition, if necessary, to intervene in the judicial proceeding in Italy, also to facilitate the execution of the sentence (arrest regime, place of correction, possibility of requesting alternative measures to detention).

Both specialists are constantly improving their knowledge by studying the latest decisions of the highest judicial bodies.
The firm also deals with the procedures for the European arrest warrant (simplified extradition, which applies to surrender requests between EU countries), which are also the responsibility of the Courts of Appeal.